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The majority of people in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, have been severely affected by the spread of covid-19. If you have been lucky that you home, office, Apartment or shop has stayed safe from the harmful effect of the virus, you need to act fast and with speed. you must get your premises disinfected and sterilized meticulously and intricately to ensure that your family, employees, colleagues and neighbours are safe. this is exactly why it is important to hire the services of competent and professional home sanitizing company. Maxo pest control company is one of the most trusted home sanitization in commercial sanitization service providers in Mumbai. Our proficient send expert through knowledge and expertise to sterilize to nook and corner of your premises with focused approach.

How is the disinfection Services in Mumbai Carried out by Maxo.

1.After you fixed the appointment, Our trained experts will arrive dressed in the gear and fog the area completly using premium quality chemical approved for fumigation homes, offices, shops and other areas.
2.Before the disinfection process begins, make sure to keep laundry and all your food items away for the safety measures.
3.All high-contact points are cleaned and wiped extensevely with the chemical solution.the ttime of the services will depend on the area fir the disinfection.
4.Our Professional complete the wotk in the given time.maxo pest control services also inform you do’s and dont that you need to follow committedly,hours before,and after the disinfection and sanitization services.

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Why should you book Maxo sanitization services ?

One of the most important reasons why our daily cleaning is not enough to completely disinfect any area is that sanitization requires fumigation to be carried out in a planned manner.this is the time when Maxo steps in.We use medical-grade chemicals and ensure that every corner and every items is sanitized properly.here are few reasons why it is important to trust Maxo, Experts in home sanitizing services.

High End Disinfection Service

We undertake teh work to combat the growth of the recent virus successfully.maxo also ensures that entire place is renderd germ free at the end of the home disinfection services.

Virus -free surroundings

We follow a focused approach while executing the disinfection work ,be it of your home,office or any other commercial space.Every corner of the place is throughly sterlized without any compromise and optimization of space.

certified hospital-garde chemicals

we use the best quality hospital grade chemical.using these chemical is completely safe when used in residential and commercial buildings.

Follow the global safety satanderd and protocols

Complete safety guaranteed because Maxo is the best in the buisness. We follow the international accepeted protocols and satnderd as insutucted by the world health organisation. our sanitization servicemen wear mandotory protective gear when carrying out the sanitization services, including a body suit, face mask,shoe cover, gloves and ensure that a proper record of thier body temprature is maintained on the app.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our experts cover all aspects of sanitization , even surface areas and other high - contact points like door handle ,tabletops,pens,kitchen platform,cabinets and more...

On Time Services

We are providing on time services in anywhere in mumbai and navu mumbai.

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